HB Ooi has many years experience and expertise in connecting companies, private investors, venture companies and funds from various parts of the world. With a large network of close associates in different sectors such as legal, real estate, private equities and trading Ooi is in a position to make deals happen.

Ooi spent more than 30 years of business experience in Asia. He has worked for multinational companies such as BHP Steel, Akzo Nobel, Veolia Water, and Metsaliitto FinnForest in senior management roles with direct bottom line responsibilities in Malaysia, Taiwan, Singapore, Brunei, Hong Kong and China. He was also senior advisor to US Filter, Woelco AG, Armstrong Industrial Corp, The Executive Learning Center, Evapco Inc and Pac Environmental Engineering Inc in China and consults on areas ranging from market entry strategies, startups, market penetration and corporate reorganization.

Ooi studied Marketing at Monash University, Mt Eliza Business School, Australia and Finance at the University of Michigan. He is fluent in written and spoken English, Chinese and Malay.

Ooi is also an active member of many professional organizations and Chambers of Commerce in the region.

Prior to the founding of Falconcrest Limited, Ooi was the Business Development Director of GCSL Group, an international corporate service provider in Hong Kong, Singapore and a number of off-shore jurisdictions. Ooi is also skilled in corporate business structures using legal entities both in on-shore and off-shore jurisdictions.