The Company.

Falconcrest Limited is an advisory firm providing a wide range of services to ultra high net worth individuals and family offices.

Incorporated in Seychelles in April 2010, the principle activities of Falconcrest Limited involve international real estate acquisitions, project financing, commodities trading and other general businesses tailored to the special needs of our clients.

Project Financing

We help clients raise funds for infrastructure projects such as power plants, hospitals, affordable housing schemes, as well as hotels, resorts and serviced apartments.

We also provide non-recourse stock loans, with a minimum amount of 1 million USD over a period of 3 years. Typical interest rates range from 2% to 4.7%. We also deal with block purchases of publicly traded shares.

Real Estate

We acquire off market hotels and commercial buildings on behalf of our clients who are typically family offices, ultra-high net worth individuals and institutions from Southeast Asia.

After the acquisition, we also provide property management, refurbishment and redevelopment services for our clients if required working with our partners in the cities where we operate providing a convenient and cost effective one-stop service.